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Map-based water rights search and analysis platform.

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Water SageTM is a map-based data access portal to efficiently search and view water rights information and land ownership across the western US. Water related research that typically requires days to perform, specialized technical skills, even physical visits to county courthouses and state offices, now takes minutes.

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Map-based water rights search and analysis platform

Water Sage

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JUL 6, 2016

Plan B on Banning Fracking: Stop the Flow of Water to Oil and Gas

The Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling on May 2nd that struck down bans and moratoriums on fracking  has assured two things: one, a fight about fracking at the ballot box, and two, be on the lookout for other creative production-halting threats. Where are oil and gas companies getting their water from?  Is it from a secured, legal and reliable source that know won’t be changing? 

JUN 29, 2016

Water Sage Helps Companies Identify Valuable Water Rights in Arid West

While water usage rates vary depending on geography, geology and drilling techniques, there's no getting away from the fact that it takes a significant amount of water to drill an oil or gas well.  The the team at Water Sage was interviewed about water use in the oil field and today's litigious society whereby parties who feel wronged search for financial remedies among deep-pocketed companies.

JUN 23, 2016

Hey Oil and Gas Companies, Are You In Possession of Illegal Water?

What if an oil and gas operator purchases water knowing that the seller deceptively purchased it for agricultural use?  Does it make a difference if the operator is unaware of any deception, but knows that the water isn’t approved for industrial use?  Water Sage tackles the question of stolen water in Colorado.