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Map-based water rights search and analysis platform.

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Water SageTM is a map-based data access portal to efficiently search and view water rights information and land ownership across the western US. Water related research that typically requires days to perform, specialized technical skills, even physical visits to county courthouses and state offices, now takes minutes.

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Map-based water rights search and analysis platform

Water Sage

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OCT 1, 2016

The Future of Water Markets: Opportunities for Innovation in SMP

Spencer Williams of Water Sage recently co-authored a column reviewing the current water markets system and water sharing strategies, and included the potential of SMPs to further such innovations.

SEP 28, 2016

Water use under surveillance? Not yet.

Water rights are legal entitlements that allow landowners to utilize a certain amount of water from a stream. The Montana DNRC is tasked with monitoring water use throughout the state, while Montana Water Court has exclusive jurisdiction over water rights claims. Read Big Timber Pioneer's profile on Water Sage's Colleen Coyle, who's at the helm of the discussion.

SEP 2, 2016

Do You Really Know Your Water Rights?

Recently, Colleen Coyle and Jim Beck of Ponderosa Advisors were guests on Voices of Montana and discussed Montana water rights issues and their water rights mapping platform, Water Sage. See's overview of their visit.